Advanced Birding ID Guide

Hey Nils – you are my current reading!

Very enjoyable day at Birdfair today. Nice to see Nils van Duivendijk again. we have worked together on some identification things, notably Steppe Buzzard. Very pleased his book is doing so well – it’s very different and I love it. In fact it’s similar to an idea I had for a book or series of little books many years ago. I used to carry around, in my little ol’ wax jacket pockets,  2 red ‘silvine’ notebook – one on passerines , one on non-passerines with small bullet point details on rarities – ready for the day! That was a very long time ago. It was the kind of publication I once dreamed of doing – Nils beat me to it and did a better job. It’s now vying for top-selling bird book spot on the Amazon list. Well done Nils.

This is the promotion leaflet on the British Birds stand. It contains part of  a forthcoming review I am doing on the book:

P.S. If you have any comments on this book – We could make this review a little interactive please  post comments below.

Also met some other great folk, good and special friends. Dare not try to mention all the names, though one unexpected treat: Got introduced to Hugo Romano. Hugo is one of the 2 partners of ‘Maderia Wind Birds’.  If I could come up with some kind of list of frontier birders of the last 12 months I think these would be in with a shout at the number one spot. Having found an area for observing the hitherto virtually never –seen- in- the – field,  Zino’s Petrel they have opened up a whole new seabird watching experience – and very very effectively too. Hats off to them! Nice to meet you Hugo –hope I make it on one of your trips sometime soon!

Even if you have seen these amazing videos before –  worth another look:


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  1. Thing says:

    Had a quick look at the book in the Cley Reserve bookshop the other day, looks excellent. I want it.

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