Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Waggy or Dippy?

Popped over to Flamborough for the afternoon. Following some helpful tchacking going on in the willow/bramble intersection, first views of the Ollie was a tail. It dipped. Clearly with sharp downward flick; a couple of times. It was a Dippy not a Waggy. That’s my easy guide to rare hippolais ID! Anyway not got long so for now (more writing later about kettles of Buzzards and stuff)-  well done Craig (buy the report) Thomas for the find and to Rich Baines for the photos. As they’re aren’t many (yet) on t’net here’s a couple by one of Flamborough’s shining lights. First off though the call:

Calling Eastern Olivaceous Warbler, Old Fall, Flamborough, 3rd Septmber 2010. Some wind noise and bird not especially close. Notice how the Remembird recorder (www.remembird.com)  has only captured the lower end of the frequency. This concurs with the Flamborough being described as sounding deeper/ lower toned and less metallic than nearby calling Lesser Whitethroat (Richard Baines).

(P.S.I know its not easy to see the difference in these sonogram images – still  learning how to edit these – will hopefully get better!)

Compared with a similar sounding Lesser Whitethroat:

Calling Lesser Whitethroat, 11th August 2008 Spurn. The amazing frequency range of Lesser Whitethroat is well shown. The ‘tchack ‘call is very similar to Eastern Olivaceous, though practiced observers notice subtle differences.

Eastern Olivaceous Warbler, Old Fall, Flamborough 1st – 3rd September 2010 Richard Baines.


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