Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

Just to say have added a sonogram of the recent Flamborough bird calling and comparison sonogram with similar sounding Lesser Whitethroat.

here: http://birdingfrontiers.com/2010/09/03/eastern-olivaceous-warbler/

Apparently I need to buy ‘space’ before I can add sound recordings. Also I will try an get better at the look/crop on the sonograms- still learning!


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4 Responses to Eastern Olivaceous Warbler

  1. Philip Lord says:

    You could post the sound recordings on a free site such as Youtube and post links here. Just a thought.

  2. Martin Garner says:

    Thanks for taking the time Philip – just shows my ignorance about these things -I will follow up your suggestion

    Cheers Martin

    • Craig Round says:

      Hi Martin,
      You could try ‘soundcloud’ it’s easy to sign up, upload and use, free, and what i use for posting bird sound recordings to my birding blog.
      Great stuff on the blog by the way!
      All best.

      • Martin Garner says:

        Thanks Craig – will have a look at that. You are a true vis mig watcher I see – some pretty good sightnigs! I have much to learn

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