Redwing and Visible Migration

More than you might think

Meadow Pipit – along the Rod Moor ‘special lane’ this morning -where migrants sometimes pause. Visible Migration really began with this species in Sheffield. Keith Clarkson’s pioneering skills in the 1970’s lead him to notice the movements of Meadow Pipits along Sheffield’s Penine fringe. Suspicious that the behavior of autumn Meadow Pipits might not represent local breeders, as usually assumed, Keith with the late John Atter, began trapping Meadow Pipits. Several hundred birds later and no re-traps they realised something far more dynamic was going on! Keith’s inspiring story of discovery is a chapter in the Frontiers book:

2.5 Hours at Rod Moor on vis. mig. duty this morning. I guess Mr Deighton went to Norfolk instead! Cold northerly winds, I wasn’t expecting ideal conditions. However useful time much more variety than I expected, though frequent need to scan widely as birds heading in different directions. Clearly some flying high as occasionally ‘jammed’ high flying passerines while scanning and I reckon fair bit missed. Am in learning mode, and I need to polish up on some calls!

Highlight? Redwings! 2 parties, my first of the year, plus single Field fare and more Pinks.

7-9:30 am birds moving:

Pink-footed Geese  39 (28, 11)

Cormorant 2

LBB Gull 110 from roost

Lapwing 59 (25, 34)

Woodpigeon 22

Stock Dove 2

Jackdaw 12

Swallow 20

alba wagtail 16

Meadow Pipit  138

Mistle Thrush 1

Fieldfare 1

Redwing 11 (7,4)

Starling 12

Greenfinch 17

Chaffinch 11

Linnet 8

Siskin 4

[ Bunting sp. heard once Lap/Snow-like ‘prrt’ – not seen]

Pinkfeet a bit closer today – always hoping for the odd stray Whitefront or better!

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