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Been invited to join these guys in ‘blogging’ something about once a week. First effort here.

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Eagle Owl

Wild Thing! Good day at Spurn which included a full set of scarce winter beach passerines. More on those to come. For now THIS: Eagle Owl. This mighty beast was found as fresh road kill near Hull exactly 2 weeks ago. (on … Continue reading

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Rough-legged Buzzard

2 Caravan ticks! At Spurn. Internet limited and slow (and why would you want to- real birds to see!). One of my favourite birds 3 Northern Bullfinch at the weekend. Today added this juvenile Rough -legged Buzzard to my caravan list  plus a  Snow … Continue reading

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Collared Flycatcher Part 3

Spurn Surprise Bit of a shocker! I am talking about the ficedula flycatcher at Spurn from 30th August to 1st September 2010. It went and got its DNA done. Thanks to Ben Sheldon’s direction and the sterling work of  Holger Schielzeth (and Reija Dufva) at the Department … Continue reading

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The Tory Warbler

Suppress – until you are ready! Aidan Kelly got in touch about a warbler seen on Tory Island, off the north coast of Donegal last month. Aiden is a  former member of the IRBC and respected as cautious and skilled field observer. It’s yet another tale … Continue reading

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Yelkouan Shearwater – Cornish Claims

An Honest Account – August 2010 Intrigued and, I admit, a tad sceptical about the sudden rush in autumn claims of Yelkouan Shearwaters from land-based seawatches in SW England. I definitely think they have occurred in Britain and will occur. I definitely … Continue reading

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Book now! Gull Master Class Day

London 4th December 2010 Gull Master Class day – Rainham Marshes Saturday 4th December 2010    Taking bookings now I will lead the day accompanied by Dominic Mitchell of Birdwatch magazine as our local host. The day will involve observation … Continue reading

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Bramble-finch or Chaffling

New kind of Hybrid? Tony Disley sent me the following fascinating account and photos – sure appears to show a mix of characters indicating presumed hybrid origin Ever heard of one of those before? Any other explanation? “I had 3 fantastic days over … Continue reading

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Robin – last good bird on Shetland

Yes Robin. I like Robins! Last day on Shetland. 10th October 2010. Just 3 hours pre-flight to ‘bird’ Sumburgh area with RR and PVH. Not a bad start as even before getting out of the car a Great Grey Shrike flew across … Continue reading

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