Blyth’s Reed Warbler

We then had explored around Tresta and Houbie, with a few bits – best being a Yellow-browed Warbler and flocks of Lapland Bunting (which seem to be everywhere!).  As the 5 pm ferry was already booked we had a quick council. Brydon and James would stay on Fetlar to go back and try to ‘nail’ a pale acrocephalus Warbler we had seen on Sunday – we were sure it was not a Reed. Blyth’s Reed was much discussed at the time. However even with our team of 6 the bird had eluded anything other than partial views of  split second duration The obvious supercilium and seemingly non -Marsh Warbler wing length had suggested something good but we had lapsed into resigned frustration -perhaps just a Marsh Warbler then….

you might have guessed how it turned out – but to see how the sequence of events played out – please read on.


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