Black Duck

OK – maybe Genes of Black Duck

In a week of mostly rare passerines (small birds) – a duck remains unidentified. First seen early in the week, independently by me and Brydon flying around Haroldswick. The bird was with a small flock of Mallard and was outstanding due its darkly pigmented body contrasting with bright white underwing ‘linings’. From underneath- looked like it might be a female Black Duck. Couple days later we found out Mike P had seen the same bird and had similar thoughts. The upper wing does show obvious white borders to the colourful speculum- so it’s certainly no pure Black Duck.

So there are 2 options.  Genes from one of the dark bellied farmyard ducks in Norwick. Or (our currently slightly more favoured option)- a Black Duck X Mallard hybrid. The presence of a drake Black Duck on the Faeroes in recent years, producing a number of hybrid offspring (per Mike P), may explain our Unst duck.

Need someone to see and perhaps photograph on the deck – if your on Unst, in the Norwick/ Haroldswick area – please bear it in mind!

On out last morning it was flying around at Norwick and Brydon managed a few shots. Hope you can see why it drew our attention:

As yet unidentified dabbling duck. Suspected of being Black Duck X Mallard hybrid– but unresolved. Norwick, Unst 8th October 2010

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