Robin – last good bird on Shetland

Yes Robin. I like Robins!

Last day on Shetland. 10th October 2010. Just 3 hours pre-flight to ‘bird’ Sumburgh area with RR and PVH. Not a bad start as even before getting out of the car a Great Grey Shrike flew across the road from the quarry causing Paul to shout and slam on the brakes all at once. It continued down to the farm. A scattering of migrant kept interest alive though clearly many birds have departed from the previous day’s fall.

Shetland doesn’t really have many resident ‘garden bird’ species. No British Robins – the one they get are migrants – mostly from Scandinavia of the nominate form. I like ’em. have found nominate birds in Sheffield and in N Ireland before – well worthy looking for.

So here’s one which just mooched around a stone dyke at Grutness looking all of the amazing migrant it was . It had very cold  and very olive uppers (no brownish/ rusty tones) and paler YELLOW- orange breast (especially in middle and on throat – Yellow) marked it out from the my garden breeders in Sheffield.

Can you see what I mean – coming to your area this winter – Robins from Scandinavia (or even further east)

Continental Robin, Grutness. 10 October 2010


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