Bramble-finch or Chaffling

New kind of Hybrid?

Tony Disley sent me the following fascinating account and photos – sure appears to show a mix of characters indicating presumed hybrid origin

Ever heard of one of those before? Any other explanation?

“I had 3 fantastic days over at Spurn the last few days [late September 2010] with a magic fall on the 27th and wondered what you made of an interesting bird I saw.”

“This bird was an apparent ‘Chaffling’ which seems to be a hybrid Chaffinch x Brambling, first noticed back on feeding with a group of c12 Chaffinch down at the point I was thinking it was an extremely well marked Chaffinch on the rear crown/nape when it turned side on and looked even more interesting. clearly showing faded Brambling features but being a remarkably drab bird for a Brambling. We didn’t have long with the bird before it was flushed, but I managed a few quick photo’s and then saw it’s rump in flight which was midway between a Chaffinch and Brambling, being off whitish and no where near as obvious or clear cut as a Brambling.”

Tony Disley, October 2010


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One Response to Bramble-finch or Chaffling

  1. Kent Olsen says:

    Hi Martin,

    Also late September 2010 another apparent hybrid was found in Denmark:

    Photos here, here and here.



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