Pallas’s Warbler

What a Shape. What a Call.

Last day at Spurn and end of week’s break with Mrs G and Abi. thoroughly enjoyable- every day. Very light SE wind this morning suggested something new. 53 Pinkfeet flew low over the Humber SE soon after dawn. Bullfinches continued to confound with 2 at the point and 2 flying over the Warren – non close enough to identify to race- some must be Northerns. Quiet a few finches mainly Chaffinch, Siskin, odd Redpoll, few Twite, Linnet, Goldfinch, Brambling all heading south. Plus handful of Lapland Buntings (again!).

3 Swallows at the point said autumn migration wasn’t over yet.

Finale for the week came in the form of a stunning Pallas’s Warbler in Long Bank hedge.

Pallas’s Warbler. Long Bank hedge, Spurn. 31st October 2010.

Really enojyed this one (third of the autumn) as it was a frequent caller – mostly giving the ‘twoing’ di-ssyllabic call which has been helpfully likened to the noise made by a rock thrown onto an iced-over lake in winter.

Pallas’s Boszanger in Dutch or Wallace’s wonderful moniker – the Seven striped Sprite

Who would believe a drawing – that a bird could really look like that!  A round blob of feathers, especially at the front end, with tiny bill stuck on.

At certain angles the crown and ‘eye stripe’ are strikingly darker than the rest of the plumage


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