Norfolk Tooter Bullfinch

Male Northern Bullfinch photos

I was wondering what the ‘tooting’/’trumpeting Northern Bullfinch presently in Norfolk looked like. Thanks to John Furse who sent a photo.

Male Northern Bullfinch (giving ‘trumpeting call’). Wells, Norfolk. John Furse.

Richard Willison sent more photos of the 1st winter male Northern Bullfinch we both saw at Spurn which didn’t give any Trumpeting call. See below. All taken 18th October 2010.



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2 Responses to Norfolk Tooter Bullfinch

  1. Martin, I’m pretty sure it was back in 2004 (it was that invasion of them around that year) that I saw a tooter near our (then) home in West Yorkshire, didn’t get any plumage detail though. There are currently five Bullfinch hanging out in Finstown, (Orkney) no one has reported suspicious tooting but I must get down there and have a look next weekend – I’ll try and get some pix. I seem to recall that during the last invasion of tooters they didn’t all toot?

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