Taiga Flycatchers in France

3 accepted French records and counting

An old friend. 1st winter Taiga Flycatcher, Tresta, Fetlar, Shetland. September 2009. Mike Weedon. Taken on the BIG Day (27th September 2009)- first proper views of the tell-tale uppertail coverts. The third for Britain. There have also been 3 records in France.

A Taiga Flycatcher was reported in Marseilles earlier this month. Sébastien Reeber summarises the accepted records:

Dear Martin,
There are three accepted records in France, all of these initially accepted as parva. Most French records of parva with photos have been re-examined.
These are as follows (all 1st winters) :
Ile de Sein (Finistère), 14 october 2000
Ile de Sein (Finistère), 28 september 2002
Camargue (Bouches-du-Rhône), 3 november 2002

The last two records were with pictures, but unfortunately, not of good quality !
You will find enclosed a paper published in Ornithos, in French with an English summary.
Best regards,

The French records:

French Taiga Flycatchers.pdf ORNITHOS


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