Record Snow Fall

Snow way!

Out street yesterday (1st Dec), with Geoff clearing and my Abi looking on- Deep Snow Baby!

38 cm recorded at the weather station in Weston Park. Just up the road from my house. Makes sense. Sharon (Mrs G), Emily and Abi have never seen snow this deep in their lives. Only neighbours over 60 years old can remember similar snow depths. Interesting birding just walking about locally.

A flock of 200 plus Waxwing on 30th Nov- amazing local record just off the end of our road

Just small part of flock of over 200 birds– feeding on berries at the back of my office in Upperthorpe.

This was one of the BIG FLOCK- had a funny little cotton wool white patch on the lower belly. Shame it wasn’t on the undertail coverts!

15 Waxwing today (2nd December) over Infirmary Road.

2 Snipe over, 1 Lapwing and 1 Skylark (with Redwing) all over my area in  the last couple of days

When common birds look rare. Female Blackbird wanting to be a ‘Sibe’. One of these fooled some birders on Scilly in 1984- anyone remember?

aaaaaaaCollared Dove hiding from the snow. Pretty Pink lookin’.

Had to cancel the London Gull Day due to weather. Watching this his sub-adult  Scandinavian Herring Gull in driving snow on tin roof near Mecca Bingo said it all.

Benches at Graves Park Lake (by Weston Park) where an all time record of 38 cm of Snow was recorded today.

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  1. Laurie Allan says:

    Martin – just out of interest could you indulge me and point out why it is a ‘Scandinavian’ Herring Gull just in case i come across one in the West Mids?
    Laurie –

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