Jack Snipe and Curlew

Déjà vu

January 2010 saw in some snow and frosty cold weather. Roy Twigg headed out and found several Jack Snipe in the stream at Treeton, with Snipe and Water Rail also on show. yesterday with limited travel options I opted for Redpoll at Mount Darnell. only Lesser on show amoung very flightyl group of about 90 birds. Meanwhile Roy Twigg checked last years hard weather Jack Snipe spot (my plan B) and came up with 4. Star man.

2 still there this morning. Thanks Roy.

We then headed to Woodhouse Mill. Another 10-15 Snipe flushed here and amazingly a Curlew- probably rarer than Jack Snipe in mid-winter in Sheffield. No Water Rail here. However I hope for better views of Sniep- had ssp. faeroeensis here last year- presumably an Icelandic bird.


Jack Snipe fans, Messrs. Twigg, Wragg and Reeder

Curlew, Woodhouse Mill. 5th December 2010. A winter rarity!


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