Shore Lark

Full Beach Set

Meant to post this one a while ago! Late October at Spurn was great for the beach passerines. in fact with Lapland Bunting, Snow Bunting, Twite and Shore Lark– ALL available at Beacon Ponds. Furthermore all 4 species seen migrating down the peninsular.  Maybe I have, but I can’t  remember where I have  seen all 4 species in one place at one time- We had a FULL BEACH SET!

All photos, Spurn area, late October 2010. The Lapland Buntings were a little too camera shy.

aaaaaaaaaaaaa1st winter male Twite. The Warren, Spurn late October 2010





Shorelark and Snow Bunting, Beacon Ponds.

On this rough weather day, one small bay held 8 Shorelark, 5 Snow Bunting and 7 Twite- very enjoyable if a bit windy-wild!

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