Interesting UK Grey Shrike

Forest of Dean, March 2009

Here, some video grabs by Ian Lewington of a Great Grey Shrike from March 2009. It goes with the next post. It illustrates that ‘interesting’ Great Grey Shrikes have been around. This one has clearly white rump/ uppertail coverts. The tail pattern looks interesting though can’t be fully resolved. The white on the secondary bases is a little less than you would hope for on homeyeri claim (too short), but the white on the scapulars does look extensive. I wonder if it has some homeyeri in it.

Where’s it from? I don’t know. What I have learned over the years is to collect data and see how it pans out. We may be getting true homeyeri Steppe Shrikes and some genuine intergrades more often than the ZERO British records indicate! It’s all about paradigms.We see what we think should be there. History teaches us, how much we miss!

All videograbs, Forest of Dean, March 2009. Ian Lewington.


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