American Herring Gull

Not … but scary!

For whatever reason, it seems that some 2nd winter European Herring gulls can be INCREDIBLY dark- with virtually all dark tails and well-barred rumps. The mimic American Herring Gulls. I don’t know for sure but suspect they are part of the argentatus variation. Chris Gibbins photographed this superb looking bird yesterday at Fraserburgh , Grampian.

P.S. Please check out Chris’s superb blog, especially his recent Caspian Gulls from Lithuania:

All photos Chris Gibbins, Fraserburgh, Grampian, 19th December 2010


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2 Responses to American Herring Gull

  1. Paul French says:

    Hi Martin

    These argies make me really nervous! I had a bird at Cotham Tip, Notts last weekend with perfect underparts for smiths. I’ve seen many “nearly but not quite” underparts over the years, but this bird had perfectly smooth mid brown breast, belly and flanks, and was even developing a lovely white-headed appearance. Luckily (or unluckily!), it showed normal rump and tail patterns for argentatus. Before we look at the rares, we have to fully understand the variation in the common, and i don’t think we do at the moment. Lots of good stuff here

    Hope to get up for your talk in Jan. See you there!


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