Scandinavian Gulls

Blue-ringed LBB and some Argies.

Here a few photos of gulls seen today near my house. One a blue-ringed Lesser Black-backed Gull. White lettering on blue darvic (kind of Royal Blue). Ring number:  JNA5

Where is it from? Iceland, the Severn or somewhere else? I haven’t found out yet. Whose ringing scheme is this? Any takers?

Scandinavian Herring Gull

3 beefy Northern argentatus; a first winter, a second winter (type) (added later: Peter Adriaens says its 3rd winter on prominent white primary tips) and an adult. The adult hasn’t finished growing outermost primaries- and its Christmas already!


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2 Responses to Scandinavian Gulls

  1. Mark Golley says:

    Hi Martin,
    My guess is that your C-R LBBG is a bird from Norway. We’ve had nearly 20 birds here at Cley that have been ringed in the same scheme (the blue ring and letter J identify it to the ringing project).
    More details (taken from the superb site run by Dirk Raes (
    Pale blue ring with black code (letter J and 3 letters or 3 numbers or 3 letters and numbers).
    Dark blue ring with white code (letter J and 3 letters or 3 numbers or 3 letters and numbers).
    direct report :
    Hope that helps,

  2. Martin Garner says:

    Excellent info Mr Golley- please ask your Harrier to stay on into January!


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