Reeve’s Pheasant near Harrogate

North Yorkshire

Great friend of mine, Si Ross was out cycling yesterday. Not especially a birder but very keen cyclist and photographer sent me the photo below, wondering what it was. Quick eyes will recognize a male Reeve’s Pheasant. It’s not on the British list, but I think is/was Category C in France. Anyway pretty stunning bird. I have seen one in France but never in UK. Maybe locals know about it, maybe not? In case anyone in the area is interested, here’s the bird and where it was seen.






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2 Responses to Reeve’s Pheasant near Harrogate

  1. Mike Watson says:

    There have also been sporadic sightings in Bowland, Lancashire in recent years. I have seen it in Dunsop Valley (male and female) as well as at Marshaw just northwest of the Trough of Bowland – all most likely relating to deliberate releases rather than the offspring of a self-supporting population. Best regards, Mike

  2. Richard Shaw says:

    I photographed 2 males on 3 January 2011 beside a road adjacent to the Glynde Estate, Nr Lewes, E Sussex. There were quite magnificent !

    I am wondering if the Estate is trying to introduce?

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