Coues’s Arctic Redpoll

But How Many?

Having burned up the Lesser Scaup and scanned though the 100 plus other aythyas (Pochard and Tufted Duck, as well as 30+ Wigeon and a field full of geese (200 + Pink-feet, also Greylags and Canada Geese, I headed off redpoll hunting. Elusive flocks and wet weather don’t make east birding. However I jammed some lovely, if brief views of a very obvious cracking Coues’s Arctic ‘roll (see photo below) and very  likely at least one other. With 200-300 Redpoll in the areas- including maybe 50 (and more) Mealy Redpolls they may well be more Arctics to be found (my best guess, wouldn’t be surprised if there were 3-5 birds in the area. Bumped into  Justin Carr who gave me an enthusiastic tour of this ‘wild site.

Wondering what to do at the weekend. Come Redpoll hunting here and bag a Lesser Scaup as you may never see one again.

Check out the Hatfield Moors blog for more info (great job Chris Robinson):

I think it likely I saw the same bird this morning. Photos by Justin Carr in same area 3 days ago:

They should all look like this one!


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One Response to Coues’s Arctic Redpoll

  1. Jason Moss says:

    Dear Martin
    First off, this is a great site. Very educational. Keep up the good work.
    Regards this redpoll, what reasons would you give for it being a ‘coues’ individual, as opposed to a ‘hornemanni’ Arctic Redpoll? Only you can know how big it was, as judgment from a photo is difficult, but, to my eyes, the large headedness (especially in the first image) and pushed in face of this bird, and especially the apparent creamy buff hue to the head and neck are all feature that I would keenly associate with the nominate ssp. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts.
    Jason Moss

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