Trapped Arctic Redpolls from 1995-1996

The Wintersett 11

Between November 1995 and April 1996, an amazing 11 Arctic Redpolls (all Coues’s Arctic Redpolls spp exilipes) were trapped as well as 530 Mealy Redpolls and 168 Lesser Redpolls at Wintersett Reservoir, West Yorkshire.

A couple of years back, Steve Denny arranged for me to have a set of photos taken by (the late) Philip Harrison and John Gardener of all 11 trapped Arctics. With this winter’s spread of Arctic Rolls I think these trapped birds will be very instructive. You would easily overlook one or two in the field today! Will try to put some shots up in next few days. For starters an adult male Arctic Redpoll trapped on 9th March 1996. Photo by late Philip Harrison. (click on three times for extra large image size)


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