Great White Redpoll… refound!

in North Sheffield.

Coming to a garden nyger feeder in Grenoside. Thanks very much to Vincent Giles who sent these images- taken through a house window. Crickey! I wish I had Redpolls that close. More on this bird and fascinating comments on its unusual appearance here:

with explanation of the bird’s appearance :

All photos below Vincent Giles, 23rd January 2011

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2 Responses to Great White Redpoll… refound!

  1. Derek Smith says:

    I saw this white redpoll on my feeders this morning. I too live in Grenoside and up the hill a hundred metres or so from Vincent (if it’s the same Vince that I know!). I took a couple of photos (not as good as the ones above! and it stayed behind the feeder) and emailed them to the assistant warden at RSPB Old Moor who told me what it was and put me on to this website. I will email the photos to Martin to the address you gave Vince.

  2. vince giles says:

    Vince here, some 12 months later….
    I’ve been feeding since mid january 2012 and was hoping to see this bird again. Redpolls have been back and have been making a fair impact on the nyger seed as there are between 9 and 13 at any one point in time. Howevern no sign of the . However, no sign of the white one I am sorry to say.

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