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Next Weekend

Upcoming Events Looking forward to meeting people! If you are booked on one of the ‘Gull Days’ or will be at the evening talk with the Leicester and Rutland Ornithological Society on 4th March– look forward to seeing you there – ALL WELCOME! 4th March. Albert Village Lake, … Continue reading

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another juv. Thayer’s in Ireland?

Liscannor, Co Clare John Murphy sent these distant shots of a juvenile Thayer’s type Gull at Liscannor, Co Clare taken on 1st February 2011. It’s on the other side of Galway Bay from the bird at Rosseveal, Co. Galway.  It was only seen on the one occasion. Looks basically … Continue reading

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Oriental Turtle Dove

1st winter Rainbow Bird Very enjoyable day out with Roy and Ray. The Oriental Turtle Dove performed admirably, despite somewhat inclement weather. With a rainbow-like set of colours over its plumage, this stunning bird starlit Steve’s garden in Chipping Norton (from another v.grateful birder- thanks Steve and family). This one’s an Oriental … Continue reading

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Thayer’s on the deck

These taken by Dermot today ‘on the deck’ are more compellingly pro-Thayer’s. Have now just looked at the video footage- I am well and truly in the Thayer’s Gull camp.    

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Thayer’s – like Gull in Galway

Dunno is the answer… To the “What is it?” question. It’s down to the boys on the ground and increasingly better photos- but it is an interesting  bird. Enough is known about the subject now for lots of folk to get an idea- so … Continue reading

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hybrid Mediterranean Gull

X Black-headed Gull Thanks to Steve Arlow who sent these images from Pitsea, Essex, of an occasionally seen type of  hybrid. Can’t remember ever seeing one myself, though they were more regular when Med Gulls were first colonising Britain I think. Steve comments: “Hi Martin Thought you may be … Continue reading

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3 Jackdaws types

with weird Latin names While in N. Ireland last weekend I got chance good looks and photos of Western Jackdaws- ssp. spermologus– the resident Jackdaws of Britain and Ireland. Best starting point for me has always been to ‘learn the local birds’ to know them well, that way … Continue reading

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Northern Bullfinch in Northants

So keep looking…! Mike Alibone sent me these photos of a female Bullfinch. Found on 16th February 2011 well inland! Always aware of the problem of ‘interpreting’ photos- colour rendition/ lighting and all that; I think its does look like a 1st winter female Northern Bullfinch. Recording the call could helpfully … Continue reading

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Ring-necked Duck

Rapid moult and tricksy aging issues Saw the drake  Ring-necked Duck on Lough Cowey last weekend. It had been aged as 1st winter. Photo of it here in early January (scroll down). However male ducks can moult rapidly and it looked really … Continue reading

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