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What predictions will come true?

Having ‘bigged-up’ the likely occurrence of Slaty-backed Gull and Stejneger’s Scoter at previous talks this winter, I think I will be making notes on myself! Come along if you are free… Lincolnshire Bird Club AGM:…….2…………..9229th March 2011 more: Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club:……. 31st March 2011 “There … Continue reading

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Real Red-bellied boy and other bits:

Having ‘blogged’ about red-bellieds… no way! Look what was in Spain 3 days ago: Eastern Black Redstart in Spain. A stunning record from 3 days ago. We need one for Britain but I was thinking October/November not March! Crossbills in … Continue reading

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BBRC gets a ribbing

This made me laugh! the post and comments… especially on the two-headed troll

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Controversial Rufous Turtle Dove

Not always easy… This one is for the Turtle Dove connoisseurs. I have said it before- I think it would be relatively easy to overlook some examples of  Rufous Turtle Dove ssp. ‘meena‘. The wintering Oriental Turtle Dove ssp. orientalis in Oxford has refocused attention on the … Continue reading

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Red-bellied Black Redstarts

They are out there Great day at Spurn on Saturday 19th March began at dawn with a Black Redstart flying past (underneath!) our caravan- it then perched up near the rubbish area and sang briefly. Looking female -like I assumed it was a first … Continue reading

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Birding People

It’s part of the story Bit corny, but true- my experiences of birding are not just about the birds, they are also about the people on the journey. Recently I have enjoyed the company on Gull Masterclass Days, at my regular haunt at Spurn, with fellow Sheffield birders, with British Birds Rarity Committee members and especially meeting … Continue reading

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White-spotted Bluethroat

Making a reedy ditch look amazing! Early morning (20th March 2011) saw me check the saltmarsh off the Warren at Spurn in the hope of Rock Pipits. 2 had flown past me the previous day and I wondered about a nice … Continue reading

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Cracking Weekend

Starters… 3 photos from the weekend, which I hope to do more on. For now, Waxwing on route to work and couple chats from Spurn- very nice! The White-spotted Bluethroat is by Ian Smith- a British tick for me.

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Hot news: Eastern flava in Devon

Credibility barrier broken   Great news from Doc. Martin (Collinson)- P.S. he really does wear DM’s too! Its DNA says yes.  Preliminary DNA analysis on the apparent Eastern Yellow Wagtail at Colyford, Devon in Dec 2010 has shown that the bird present at Colyford … Continue reading

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