Marsh Gull with leg iron

…in Essex

In February one of 2 yellow-legged Herring Gulls (‘Marsh Gulls’) showed a couple of times on Shirecliff Tip, near my home. While we were at Rainham yesterday, Steve Arlow had this yellow-legged argentatus Herring Gull over at Pitsea. You can see the metal ring (just) on the right leg. Blimey- a ring! A ringed bird at Walthamstowe a bunch of years ago was (not surprisingly) mis-identified as a Yellow-legged Gull (michahellis) before it was found dead and the ring said Finnish argentatus). These yellow-legged birds tend also to have a bit more black in the wing and vivid red orbital rings (duller orange on other argentatus). Steve takes great pics doesn’t he?

old name ‘Marsh Gull’, aka yellow-legged argentatus, Pitsea, Essex, 5th March 2011, Steve Arlow. see:

yellow-legged ‘argy’, Shirecliff, Sheffield, Feb 2011


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4 Responses to Marsh Gull with leg iron

  1. Mark says:

    Had another one of these ‘marsh gulls’ on Tuesday (1st March). On distant views almost had it as a Yellow-legged (the legs were yellower than the LBB Gull it was stood next to, but size, bill and mantle colour identical to argenteus (much smaller than argentatus).

    • Martin Garner says:

      Hey Mark- the bird in photo above at Shirecliffe nearly led me down the mich path – I waited to see it preen and wingtip pattern before being sure. This one is closer to argentatus in tone, though not obvious in my rubbish shots. Great b/w photos of you on David Earl Grey’s blogs. M

  2. Mike Pennington says:

    Is ‘omissus’ not the name for these Marsh Gulls?

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