Best Stejneger’s Scoter photos

Check these out!

Thanks to Chris Batty who sent these videograbs of a relatively distant bird- not bad going! No strain to pick out ALL the features on this adult male Stejeneger’s Scoter off Co. Kerry, Ireland (pronounced, I believe, Stay-neh-gers with a ‘hard g’). Chris took the video on Friday 11th and was showing me on the back of his camera on the morning of 12th in Oxford- grip factor!


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2 Responses to Best Stejneger’s Scoter photos

  1. Mark Brown says:

    Fantastic photos, what a bird.
    Stejneger was born in Norway of a German Grandfather and his name then was Leonhard Hess Steineger. When he moved to the Tyrol he changed the spelling of his name according to the Norwegian style replacing the ‘i’ for a j. I think the name means stone-oger. Stein = stone and eiger is ogre. ??? I think it would be pronounced stein like beer stein pronouncing the i. I agree the g would be hard. Not that it matters that much!

  2. Martin Garner says:

    Thanks Mark – OK I will go with Stein- some of us Brits are rubbish at other languages

    very helpful Cheers Martin

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