Hot news: Eastern flava in Devon

Credibility barrier broken

Grey-Yellow-Wag1 sw 1


Great news from Doc. Martin (Collinson)- P.S. he really does wear DM’s too! Its DNA says yes.  Preliminary DNA analysis on the apparent Eastern Yellow Wagtail at Colyford, Devon in Dec 2010 has shown that the bird present at Colyford Sewage Works on 4th-19th December was a male of the eastern tscutschensis/taivana/macronyx group, genetically most similar to tschutschensis


So we have good (grey and white) plumage, good call and now confirmatory DNA. Congrats to all involved!

Details on call and more here:

N.B. some of them can have lots more yellow and may be turning up from August onwards- lots to look for and learn about for keen pioneers!


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