Birding People

It’s part of the story

Bit corny, but true- my experiences of birding are not just about the birds, they are also about the people on the journey. Recently I have enjoyed the company on Gull Masterclass Days, at my regular haunt at Spurn, with fellow Sheffield birders, with British Birds Rarity Committee members and especially meeting new people on evening talks. So a couple pics- to help me remember…

BBRC members taking a break from the AGM at our Saturday night social, Oxford 12th March 2011. with Doc Martin (BOURC) and a couple of Oxford birders at the front (the one on the right a rather well known bird illustrator whose work vastly improves this blog : ). Thanks to the Oxford birders for warm welcome. Some of us look a little red-eyed!

Me and Keith Allsopp. (photo: Dave Gray). Met Keith after speaking to the Leicester and Rutland O.S. A legend! Keith’s self found list includes:

American Redstart  1967 Cornwall Porthgwarra, first-winter male, 21st October, 1967
Rufous Bush Robin   1972 Yorkshire, East Flamborough Head, 5th to 6th October, 1972

He described finding the American Redstart at Porthgwarra– the first for Britain, the next day they trapped an Orphean Warbler! Though I particularly enjoyed his accountof the Rufous Bush Robin- on his first ever visit to Flamborough Head. He said he didn’t know where to go, so heading for some nearby steps he noticed a  small bird perched on the edge of the steps… Flip!

The first of next weeks meets- Hope to see you there. More here:

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  1. Rob Fray says:

    Keith Allsopp – a proper legend!

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