Another striking Red Black Red

How many more out there?

Received some great shots from Josh Marshall. It’s another (rather stunning- looking) red-bellied Black Redstart. Josh wrote:

“Here are some shots of a bird that has overwintered around my house. I live in Sharkham Village near to Sharkham Point, Devon.

Regards, Josh Marshall”


and this one sent by Ottavio Janni- seen on Linosa in November 2010. he noted: “here’s a couple of pics of a red-bellied Black Redstart on Linosa last November. I think I see a trace of a white supercilium on one photo, and perhaps the grey upperparts are a bit pale for a pure Black Red, so maybe there is a chance it could be a hybrid with Common? I’m still leaning towards pure Black Redstart though.”

I can see his reasons for concern. Definitely a ‘frontier area of ID’. Must get round to ‘reading the primary formula unless someone beats me to it…


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