Northumberland Highlights

Great time in the North-East

Having spoken in the evening to Northumberland and Tyneside Bird Club, spent next morning birding with Alan Tilmouth along the semi-mythical NE Coast: Alnwhich, Druridge Bay Pool, Cresswell Pond, East Chevington, Newbiggin etc. Thanks to all who made it such fun, if brief visit especially Alan, Tom Cadwallender, Dick and Maco Myatt and Mike Hodgson who let me use his photos ( .

The morning’s birding highlights:

Mediterranean Gull 1 1st winter

Pink-footed Goose, c50

Greenland White-fronted Goose 4 ad

European White-fronted Goose  1 1st winter

Twite c10

Sandwich Tern 2

American Wigeon 1 ad male

Continental Cormorant 1 adult (interesting to see one so ‘far north’)

Adult drake American Wigeon and Continental Cormorant (‘sinensis’) both at Cress well pond by Mike Hodgson

Great local restoration project- some more rares from here before long…

East Chevington- that Sykes’s Warbler last autumn was in them there bushes at the back

and besides this busy road? The hedge by Woodhorn Church. It hosted one of Britain’s handful of Black-faced Buntings.


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