Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat

in Hull, East Yorkshire

This ones for me and my learning. With the bird in Louth this winter once again heightening interest in this group, I fished out Michael Flowers photos of a bird in Hull, East Yorkshire in December 2008/ January 2009. I saw the bird a couple of times in January 2009. It was rather dull slightly pale brown-toned throughout, including over the back of the head with little contrast above and with something of a buffish wash below. Its relative uniformity left little to describe, and the outer tail feather looked mostly white but was not easy to see properly or photograph. Unfortunately I didn’t hear it call. I asked Paul Leader to comment on the photos. He said:


On the basis of structure (longish tail, short primary projection, slender bill) and plumage (sandy wash to mantle and rather uniform brownish tertials) this is clearly a halimodendri/minula.  Photos showing tail pattern would be nice though.

I think ALL the mid-winter Lesser Whitethroats in the UK I have seen photos of are something other than nominate.”


Presumed Central Asian Lesser Whitethroat, Hull Cemetary, Dec 08/ Jan 09. Michael Flowers (http://www.eybirdwatching.co.uk/), with thank to Michael Flowers and Garry Taylor.


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