Eastern Willow Warbler

First for the Philippines

Top world -listing birder, Jon Hornbuckle, sent me these photos to comment on his suspected ID. They look like a Willow Warbler don’t they (presumed ssp. yakutensis). Taken in the Philippines on 17th October, this should be in East Africa not SE Asia. This represent the first record for that country. Jon contacted East Asia expert, Peter Kennerley who noted they have also occurred as follows:

“Vagrant Willow Warblers have occurred elsewhere in eastern Asia, here for Hong Kong http://www.hkbws.org.hk/BBS/viewthread.php?tid=6356&extra=page%3D11

and here for Taiwan http://nc.kl.edu.tw/bbs/showthread.php?t=22612&page=8

and Jesper Hornskov had a record of Willow Warbler at Beidaihe (China Bird Report 2006).


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