First Summer Purple Heron

At Last!

Wheatear by the caravan and another 5 nearby said birds moving this morning before 7 am. Redwing along the lane with new -in Blackcaps, Willow Warblers, Swallows and Sand Martins over and 3 Barnacle Geese south. Later on a Ring-necked Parakeet was new for my Spurn list, Marsh Harrier flew south and a Tree Pipit. But BIRD of the DAY went to a first summer Purple Heron (and amazingly a different bird from the one at Tophill Low). It’s a slightly bizarre story because some of us were expecting the Tophill Low bird to maybe fly through Spurn today. So when Spurn’s second ever Purple Heron appeared over the triangle, we naturally assumed it was that bird. However the Spurn bird is clearly a first summer (see the dark centered brown wing coverts below) and the Tophill Low bird is clearly an adult. What a cracker- thanks Steve Exley! Why at last? A little secret between me and you: It’s the only non BB rarity I have never seen before in Britain, until today. The wait makes it all the sweeter!


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