Wagtails and Wheatears

A quieter day (thank goodness)

After a hectic first day (Purple Heron)  it has been hard to slow down (this is supposed to be a holiday). So with calmer, slightly doffy/ misty day the birds did (slow down). Passage birds included Linnets, Swallows, Goldfinches etc spiced up with 2 close flying vocal Whimbrel. 2 Red-throated Divers off the caravan seemed to try a bit of displaying and the birds below were educational among the 15 Yellow Wagtails and 6 or so Wheatear around. The male Yellow Wagtails had an interesting head pattern appeared to be a first summer male (some greater coverts with this white fringes)- but I am no expert. The Wheatear had wing lengths placing them in the NW taxa and were presumed to be bound for Iceland/ Greenland.  Below a first summer male and first summer female. A moulting adult Spotted Redshank appeared on the high tide at the Warren.

The waves are gently lapping te shoreline audible from the ‘van window as I type. Wonderful. What will tomorrow bring?


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