Red-rumped Swallow


45 minutes in to my day, having already had me being chased down the road (blue light flashing) by the MOD Police. Briefly? They had seen me turn round rather abruptly and were concerned I might be an early morning terrorist. I smiled and explained I had forgotten my hot tea-in-a-flask and was going back to my caravan to get it! Later, a source of amusement for fellow birders. Anyway 6:15 began vis-mig watch at the Warren. Right around 7:00 am picked up a hirundine which almost ‘sneaked past’. Hmmm… in split seconds assessed “Swallow-shape but more ‘flicky’ Martin-like flight, all pale unders (no black front of Barn Swallow) and pale warmed-by- pinky/orange toned rump – RED-RUMPED SWALLOW!

About 6 Spurn regulars got onto it- the earliest ever (by 2 days ) at Spurn and a ‘self-find’ tick in the U.K..

Spurn regulars at the Warren shortly after Red-rumped Swallow fly-by. No photos but no complaints!

In the next hour this Marsh Harrier and Green Sandpiper also flew past (and were easier to photograph). Also Fieldfare, Corn Bunting, Whimbrel, good numbers of Linnet and handfuls of Swallow and Sand Martin.

and a Kingfisher later in the day at Southfield Farm was a Spurn tick. Also 2 Eider, Arctic Skua, adult summer Mediterranean Gull and Lesser Whitethroat by the Canal was the first of the spring here.

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