Grasshopper Warbler…

…with pale tail tips

A Mediterranean-esq day at Spurn. Headlined by plenty of spring migrants. For me Redstart, Grasshopper Warbler, Whitethroat and lots more Wheatears. I initially presumed yesterday’s Red-rumped Swallow flew by again for 2 lucky obs. However its clear so many birds pass Spurn that it’s just as likely a new bird, especially in the spring when birds just ‘keep going’. Off to the out for a meal with my family and quiz! Wind is in the SE right now. The best kind in the spring. Couple from this morning. Have a look at the tips of the tail feathers on this Grasshopper Warbler (photos just after 6am!). Plus a Nice bright Willow Warbler


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2 Responses to Grasshopper Warbler…

  1. thedrunkbirder says:

    Groppers with pale tips! Arrrggghh! I think I’ve just woken from a Shetland nightmare…

  2. David Gray says:

    So there do occur away from Shetland then….;-)

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