Savi’s Warbler

What a Blocker!

Last seen in 1984. The same month I hitched to Spurn to see the (UK’s first?) spring Blyth’s Reed Warbler. I was messing about at the point today when the call came through. Justin Carr had arrived for a day’s birding starting at Sammy’s Point. About to leave, a Savi’s Warbler burst into full reeling song very near his car. Having just returned from hearing them abroad, he didn’t have to agonise too much over the I.D. About another hour passed before the bird finally made the first of several brief appearances.

Savi’s Twitch:

My first full view was an eye full of reddish-brown smooth beauty. It really was one! Martin Standley achieved the near impossible. He managed to get a shot during one of those briefest of showings. It’s S.E. winds again now. What next…

Thanks especially to Martin S. and well done!


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One Response to Savi’s Warbler

  1. Julian Hough says:

    Sounds as though Spurn is producing the goods!
    Nostalgia kicked in when I realised I actually saw the ’84 Savi’s at Spurn, scuttling around under bushes on the canal zone!! It was one of the most amazing falls of migrants I think I’ve seen–raining all morning, with ouzels, whinchats, long-eared Owl, Thrush Nightingale, Red-backed Shrike and bags of other stuff..if we had time to spend all day there it would have been better..the galling part was that we had left shortly before the Blyth’s Reed was caught!!!!! ARRGGGGHHH!!!

    Hope you get more ‘goodies’!!

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