Savi’s Day background

When the also-rans are full of quality.

Early morning began with a female type Black Redstart and vis mig highlight for me was a fly-over Little Ringed Plover. Grasshopper Warblers are  very noticeable down the point with a new day record of 9 birds and a male Blue-headed Wagtail with attendant female was a stunner. Then the Savi’s Warbler took over…

Its worth noting the wing structure on close-up Black Redstarts- crucial maybe for that autumn Eastern Black Redstart. Below this ‘Gropper’  (photo Martin Standley) sung along the canal banking on a record day count of the species for Spurn.

Here’s some distant shots of the male Blue-headed Wagtail in ‘Sheep field’ which was joined by a female. This the first female (after some 30 plus males) I have seen this year, had rather white supercilium and throat and made me wonder if it could be a female Blue-head. But this type are impossible to tell from female Yellow Wagtails. Still, makes you wonder… (with thanks to Martin Standley)


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2 Responses to Savi’s Day background

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Beautiful capture of that Gropper.

  2. Wouter van Pelt says:

    Hey Martin,

    Old post, but I was strolling through your website, found this post and hooked on the female wegtail. Just learning: why do you think it could be a blue-headed? I’ve not so much experience in female yellow wagtails, and I think I see that the head is a bit light and the supercilium quite whitish. But the supercilium is still yellow, and the crown and ear coverts are green, where most flava females have white supercilium and brownish ear coverts and crown (e.g. this bird Would you expect a female yellow to be more yellow?

    Hope to learn more about these females, far more difficult than the males. Yesterday I had 2 male yellow wagtails and 8 thunbergi in a group of >20 blue-headed, but that’s how the ratio in Holland is on a lucky day during spring migration.


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