White-tailed Eagle day

and Chiffchaffs!

This post is especially for Paul Hackett who is ‘dipping’ in hospital. I also dipped today Paul!

Well you can’t win ’em all. I have had a tremendousness run over the last week at Spurn. Today John Cooper was nearly knocked over by an immature White-tailed Eagle flying over the riding school at Easington (seemingly the same bird which has been in Lincolnshire recently). It probably even flew over my car (Sharon was at the riding school). Unfortunately it quickly turned and headed west up the Humber and into light mist. This meant you had to be within about 30 seconds of a viewing point and I wasn’t. Big congrats to John though- he sounded pretty excited! He managed one hurried photo. More about all things Spurn, here: http://www.spurnbirdobservatory.co.uk/

Meanwhile though it was an otherwise quiet day I day enjoy watching an interesting Chiffchaff at the point which I suspect was a N/E bird ‘abietinus being rather colourless greyish above and quiet whitish- looking below with contrasting olive wings and tail. Amazing how hard it can be to see yellows on the face and underparts of Chiffchaffs.

Here’s a brighter Chiffchaff also trapped at the Warren this morning:

and some shots of my interesting (to me at least) Point bird. Just for fun the last one is of it flying in.


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One Response to White-tailed Eagle day

  1. Andy L says:

    Shades of Ibe Chiffy in your bird?

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