Black and Arctic Terns

Turn of the Terns.

Wind turned to north east yesterday, the favoured head wind of northern moving Terns. Sure enough at 6 am 4 Arctic Terns headed NE off the Warren. In the same 4 minute period 15 Whimbrel flew out, a Peregrine flew overhead while a Greenland Wheatear dropped in. Spurn magic!  Soon after I picked the first of 15 Black Terns for the day and Arctics reached nearly 80. Several Little Gulls brought more beauty amoung the fly-by’s plus a Marsh Harrier.

6 am brought Arctic Terns. 6 pm and a Red-throated Diver ‘lounged’ just off my Caravan.

In term of numbers, bird of the day went to Wheatears with some 73 Greenland/ Iceland types. A male Ring Ouzel and a probable acredula Willow Warbler added interest. Both Tree and Meadow Pipit were trapped so I thought they made nice comparison. Will label later and do something on those amazing Greenland Wheatears… Do YOU know which is which.

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2 Responses to Black and Arctic Terns

  1. Graham Etherington says:

    Tree Pipit
    Meadow Pipit
    Tree Pipit
    Tree Pipit
    Meadow Pipit ?

  2. Martin Garner says:

    Yes Graham- of course you are correct! Thanks for responding


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