Ring Ouzel and Redstart

and owls and more… 

Wind remained mostly slightly east of north today and from lunchtime onwards sea mist covered the peninsula and slowed this birder down, but only a little. 26 Arctic Terns flew out early followed later by 6 Little Terns. A trapped female Redstart provided good training on Redstart v Black Redstart wing formula– ready for that Eastern Black! At Beacon Ponds 11 ‘Northern’ Golden Plover flew in and I got much better views of the Ring Ouzel seen yesterday. And no its really not a male as suspected. But is it an adult female of 1st summer male– I don’t know. Anyone?

A drive through Easington later and I could hear the constant clucking of a Blackbird. It was the insistent sound I associate with them saying ” hey- there’s a bloomin’ OWL in here”. So I approached the Hawthorn where the Blackbird was clucking and guess what? A Tawny Owl flew out. It then perched in the open briefly before flying on. A little later a Little Owl found sat out on hay bales was another Spurn area tick while a Fox lay fast asleep below it! This evening a brown-backed, dark legged Willow Warbler caught my attention at Cliff Farm. Hope it gets seen tomorrow. All here:

Note to self: its 4 tips, 2 tips, 1 tip on Redstart. On Black (and Eastern Black) Redstart it’s 4 tips then 2 tips. That’s it. Easy right?

Golden Plover. Part of a group of 11 and the fully black-faced males say they are ‘Northerns’.

And ‘Old Brown’, exposed by a Blackbird. He tries to snuggle into a tree trunk and pretends I can’t see here. Doesn’t really work does it?

Finally, the Ring Ouzel. Thankfully Ian Smith got some good shots, showing how plumage appearance could vary- but a dark brown tone above (not black), with very weak pale fringes above and slightly more obvious whitish fringes below. Creamy (not white) breast band speckled with brown crescents. The bill with less pale than adult male.

Is it an adult female or 1st summer male?

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