Grasshopper Warbler – Spring record

Down the Lane

Amazing spring for Grasshopper Warblers. I can hear 2 at night from my caravan (just about). 4 maybe 5 have been on Beacon Lane. Up to 20 singing males in the greater Spurn area. I watched one male singing at the point only for a second male to come in singing wings fluttering away and then giving the aggressive  ‘grrrrrrrr’ call (well something like that).

2 featured here. Mainly a bird at the end of Beacon Lane with browner uppers, yellowy unders (especially throat) and obvious pale tips to the tail, even looking whitish in the field. Photos both in field and in hand. The last 2 pics of a different bird in the hand yesterday at the Warren. Locustellas are great!

Grasshopper Warbler above, end Beacon Lane, Spurn April 2011. Same bird in hand below. Last 2 photos of different bird trapped at the Warren.


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One Response to Grasshopper Warbler – Spring record

  1. Chatterbirds says:

    Lots of birders are saying that this is a record year for Groppers.

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