May 10 Varanger


How to take it all in. Taxi was needed as I got off at the wrong airport! Late night drive got me Reindeer, Arctic Hare, and Tundra Bean Geese. 11:00pm as ate late snack, I could see Brunnich’s Guillemot and Long-tailed Duck from my bedroom window. This morning 7am breakfast and straight out. A day filled not just with good birds but good scenes full of good birds of several species. e.g days end was marked by a seawatch in strong NW wind. best? flock of 7 (mostly full summer plumaged) White-billed Divers just off-shore, fly -by Brunnich’s in winter and summer plumage, hundreds if not thousands of Blue Fulmar of varying intensity, Long-tailed Duck, Glaucous Gulls etc etc.

The first birds this morning were White-tailed Eagles (one from breakfast table) including one flock of 12 birds with Snow and Lap Bunting, Shorelark and Tundra Bean Geese all in same area.

A couple of small groups of close range Arctic Redpolls– stunning!

A harbour  bespangled with Steller’s Eider and fly-over Long-tailed Skuas (I broke off interview with local newspaper to chase after them, leaving proprietor looking bewildered!

Tonight I am sleeping in cabin which Gyr Falcons hunt over- tomorrow looks like could be a good day!

Must get some sleep! night night. A few photos from today. Some have much better ones than me,  so more to follow.


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