The Varanger Crew


This is a pause mid-blog on the trip to say thank you. Brünnich’s Guillemot and friends still to come.

To Tormod Amundsen who organised the whole promotion tour. A very enterprising young Norwegian with load of vision and energy (and projects!). He descibes himself as a Birder and Architect with a vision to combine the two:

Tormod at Vardø Harbour. There’s an adult Glaucous Gull bathing in front of us and handful of King Eider further out with bunch of other seaduck. It’s a place where both Ross’s Gull and Sabine’s Gull were seen on the same day in May 2010.

To Kate Utsi of the tourism portal Destination Varanger for her excellent organisation and sorting out last-minute changes with constant smile.  see

and to this lot for companionship with all the shared birds, wildlife and scenery.

André van Loon. Dutch Birding:

Steve Rogers.  SWOptics: and

Ruud van Beusekom. Birding Breaks:

James McCallum. Wildlife artist:

Jörg Kretschmar. Ozellus:

Nigel Jones. Ornitholidays:

Chris Lansdell. Oenanthe Birding Adventures:

Hans Ueli Grütter. Liberty Bird:

Colin McShane. Avian Adventures:

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