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Arctic or Mealy Redpoll

Yes it was one (if you guessed right) Somewhat cheekily I recently posted a photo (2nd one below) from Varanger in May and asked the question “Arctic or Mealy Redpoll”. Here, then,  the same bird’s details more fully revealed. Not too tricky with good views, but … Continue reading

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Choice of 3

Opportunities to Discover more… 3 Dates. Bookings being taken now! The September 3 Day Special is already fully booked. However there are 3 part day or full day experiences in late August/ September. Which one suits you? Saturday 27th August is a ‘Discovery Day’. An excellent time of … Continue reading

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Eastern Yellow Wagtail in Spring?

On Helgoland Looks the part doesn’t it? Seen on Helgoland (first Bird Observatory in the World etc. etc.) last month: 10th May 2011 by Marc Förschler. He strongly suspected the bird to be an ‘Eastern’ and commented that the  call was ‘quite sharp and similar to a … Continue reading

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White-billed Diver heaven

Hunting Ground for Mega Rare Birds 13th May 2011. Met Tormod 12:45 off the ferry having spent the morning with the seabirds of  Hornøya.  Stopped for a quick lunch at the Polar Hotel in Vardø (famous base camp for Nansen and co. … Continue reading

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Bird News on Twitter

Getting Local and National Bird News on Twitter I have (I feel ) been entering the world of internet-based social networking at something slightly faster than sloth-paced. And I have to admit, now, I am enjoying it. I tweet on … Continue reading

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Thanks a 1/4 million (nearly)

THANK YOU! Been meaning to say this after we passed 200,000 views earlier in the month. The Birding Frontiers blog has been going just over 10 months and we are on the way to 1/4 million views. Guess we will hit it soon after … Continue reading

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Stejneger’s Scoter – Norway

1st summer male- Varanger!!! Just over a month ago I was envisioning the guys in Vardø, – they should get Stejneger’s Scoter. Early this morning only 15 minutes north of Vardø, at Persfjordena, Varanger a first summer male ‘White-winged type’ Scoter was found by birder, … Continue reading

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Arctic Dunlin ssp. arctica

Identification and stuff Sometimes called “Greenland Dunlin” the  breeding range of some 10-15,000 birds is often said to be restricted to NE Greenland. However the small population numbering 10-100 pairs on Svalbard seems (unsurprisingly) also to be of this form, e.g. see photos here. Dunlin are bread and butter birds. Have been for me since Frodsham … Continue reading

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Dresser’s and Northern Eiders

Some easier than others Sometimes I am delighted and other times flummoxed. It was very cool to see the Dresser’s Eider last winter off Fanad, co Donegal. The same place has been a regular spot and learning ground for vagrant ‘Northern’ Eider ssp. borealis. Some- with bright orangey bills and tall perky white sails seem obvious. … Continue reading

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