Report on Spurn Spring Special

Day One: Tuesday 24th May

While the breakfast was planned for 9:30am. a couple of guests arrived the previous evening. Andy R did great job of meeting and greeting, took them out for a walk to Beacon Ponds and promptly found a stunning Red-necked Phalarope!

The next morning some began with visible migration at the Warren where a Hooded Crow flew past as well as Marsh Harrier and small numbers but good variety of commoner species. Excellent breakfast at Sue and Andrews and we opted to lead a walk from Easington Lagoons, south. A summer plumaged Curlew Sandpiper was an excellent find, the subtleties of an arctica Dunlin (less common on the east coast) and a number of Tundra Ringed Plover were extolled, and the fishing Little Terns a very close range were a real treat. 3 migrating Crossbills (1 male, 2 females) flew just above our heads as we grilled the waders and terns. I was glad we got  a few summer plumaged Grey Plover would soon be heading north.

Beacon Ponds had excellent variety of species, but we failed to see the Tawny Pipit in the morning. Thanks to Martin Standley for the Little Tern shot. I can’t get tired of watching these. We then squeezed in a Little Owl before lunch

After lunch we spent a little time watching for migrants which included a Turtle Dove and Common Buzzard and then watched the ringing of Great and Blue Tit pulli, and as we did, which 3 ‘cream-crowned’ Marsh Harriers flew through.

A return visit, post-dinner, to Beacon Ponds finally got us excellent views of the Tawny Pipit. A fitting end to the first day.

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