Eyed Hawk-moth

Big, Fat and Beautiful

Saturday 18 June, Spurn. Not in a moth trap but emerged from pupa stage in long grass. Its body was particularly fat. Is this a female then, similar to the different body shapes of the different sexes of Poplar Hawk Moths? Oh- and how do you spell Hawkmoth/ Hawk Moth/ Hawk-moth?

Earlier in the day in normal rest posture: Stealth Bomber mode!

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6 Responses to Eyed Hawk-moth

  1. mike585 says:

    Very nice images, Martin.

  2. andy roadhouse says:

    Surely they are hawk-moths, so it would be called an Eyed Hawk-moth? that is way we call stuff at Spurn and not like the rspb lot!

  3. Martin Garner says:

    Thank you Mr Roadhouse. Duly corrected. Now is it Storm Petrel or Storm-petrel?

  4. Tony Davison says:

    Hi Martin
    In the Log Book of British Lepidoptera and the latest edition of Moths of the British Isles by Bernard Skinner the Sphingidae are listed as Hawk-moth. Yet in THE Field Guide – Lewington et al – they are listed as Hawkmoth. So who knows which is correct – personally I go with Hawkmoth

  5. Moth Woman says:

    I’ve looked them up a bit and they#re called Eyed Hawk-Moths but I think you can variate that a lot.
    Today a friend brought a chrysalis to me, and after a ton of research I found it was an Eyed Hawk-Moth! HAPPY!! They’re beautiful and I can’t wait until it hatches. Anyone know how long they spend in the chrysalis?

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