New Zealand Storm-petrel

Australia’s apparent 2nd record…

…of this species which still has wonderment, magic about it. You could even call it mythical! These photos were taken 2 days ago (Saturday 18 June 2011) by Paul Walbridge off Eastern Australia. There is only one previously accepted record for Australia, in March 2010. New Zealand Storm-petrel Oceanites maorianus was rediscovered in 2003 with UK-based, Scilly birders, Bob Flood and Bryan Thomas taking a leading role in the rediscovery of a species thought be extinct for 150 years.  More here and  here and here.

Paul Walbridge is the guy to contact if you want to see Tahiti Petrel – never mind an excellent collection of other ‘southern seabirds’. He runs Southport Pelagics out of Southport, (nr. Brisbane) Queensland. Thanks to his brother Grahame (of Portland Bill fame) for forwarding the pics.


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