Bird News on Twitter

Getting Local and National Bird News on Twitter

I have (I feel ) been entering the world of internet-based social networking at something slightly faster than sloth-paced. And I have to admit, now, I am enjoying it. I tweet on twitter and Facebook on Facebook. My teenage girls teach me what I need to learn.

I am also very interested and always have been to keep in touch with the ‘Bird News’. Both local (for me mainly near Sheffield and NE England) and national (especially those once-in-a-while ‘megas’). However expense and other factors have made it prohibitive.

I have never owned a pager nor subscribed to any mobile based information system. Man- I am still a fan of the Nancy’s cafe information service!  I already have more than enough ‘gear’ to carry around as part of my birding experience. I want LESS not MORE.

For the last month I have been using Birdnet’s Twitter system. I already use Twitter to update my Birding Frontiers stuff. So I thought it would be interesting to see what its like having access to a constant stream of UK bird news  ‘in my pocket’. It’s GREAT! I really like it. I am finally in the ‘KNOW’- all the time! I am using Twitter anyway, so not added ‘stuff’. The continuous feed means I can scroll down and not miss anything. Very cool.

I am no expert on news services but this suites me really well. Simple to use, 1 Smart Phone button press away. No extra gear. All the gen.

You can find out more here: Bird Information

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3 Responses to Bird News on Twitter

  1. Laurie Allan says:

    Aaaaaaaa Nancys’ Cafe (Nancy Gull and her cheerful sidekick Ethel) I remember Ethel picking up the phone and i was the only person in the cafe and she said ‘i think there is something wrong with the phone’ even from where i was sitting i could hear the distinctive voluminous tone of a Great Reed Warbler, still present somewhere in South Yorkshire, that somebody was posting from the field! – I wonder what happened to ALL those log books when she sold the cafe?

    Halcyon days………….

  2. Martin Garner says:

    indeed what did happen to the log books..anyone know?

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