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Answer to the baby gull ID

That was a bit mean! I have seen birds like this before. Back in the early 90’s in Bedfordshire. There were hardly any large gulls in the county during the breeding season. Rookery Pit held the ony breeders I saw, where I … Continue reading

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Birding Frontiers 50 Special Memory Sticks

Happy 1st Birthday! The Birding Frontier blog is one year old in August. Just over 300 posts and nearly 1/4 million hits later! To celebrate I have put to together a special memory stick (USB Flashcard) and packed it with over 20 … Continue reading

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Juvenile Gull ID

Taken in the UK. What is it?  Answer tomorrow.

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Osprey and Swee-Chaff

Rutland 26 July How times have changes (as they say). Day out with Mrs G and Don Egan. We had a Red Kite being mobbed just north of Rutland and good views of 2 or 3 Osprey. Osprey and Red Kite in middle England. When I remember how … Continue reading

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Gyr Falcon hybrid

When ‘escape’ and  ‘hybrid’ can still look cool. Bit of a ‘blast from the past’. 16th July 2008. Alan Amery radioed through to say Mick Sharpe had found a dark falcon on the cliff top near Sandy Beaches, Spurn. This was the baby we found. To … Continue reading

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Swee-oo calling Chiffchaffs

it’s all disyllabic Was out on the Moorland fringe near Sheffield t’other day. Common Sandpiper, Little Ringed Plover and very fresh juvenile Curlew were good value. A Chiffchaff giving the much discussed ‘swee-oo call’ caught my ear. It appeared to be an adult and … Continue reading

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What can happen in a couple of days?

A story still to be written… Late September 2009 Day One:  Marsh Warbler (team found), Yellow-browed Warbler (team found) Greenland Redpoll, Common Rosefinch Day two superb views of an Otter family, Barred Warbler (team found) and Taiga Flycatcher -3rd for Britain (team found) One year later, early October … Continue reading

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What is this Seabird?

Another potential target bird for Varanger? Thought I would post this excellent photo by a birder with a wonderful website. He posted a comment in response to an old blog post. To find out the species, go here and scroll down to see his comments and more on photos … Continue reading

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Lotsa Swifts, Little Gulls and a baby Red Kite

Spurn 16th-17th July 2011 SW winds + July = Swifts. Having arrived on Friday night to the screeching and peeping of lots of adult and juvenile Sandwich Terns flying over the caravan, Saturday dawned with just me at the Warren and loads of Swifts moving! As a … Continue reading

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